Lab Manager/Owner’s Edition Used Optical Equipment List July 2016
SOLD>>>1 LOH V75 generator, 2007 model, yellow stripe, 110,000 cuts $15,500
1 LOH PLA-SL Surface blocker and chiller, 2007 model,yellow stripe….$7700
SOLD>>>>4 LOH Toro X2S, rebuilt by LOH, excellent condition, blue stripe….$1700 ea
2400 Precision brand aluminum tools ,2007 , cut in tenths, cut to 1.60 index…$1.25 each
3 Precision Brand tool racks, custom built for moving purposes, were $3000 ea…now $400ea
1 Slurray System, large Chiller/Filter re-circulation unit and pump, handles 4 cylinder machines…..$1600
1 Coburn SD reclaim tank, near new condition…$550
1 Coburn LD reclaim tank, stainless ,near new condition…$750
SOLD>>>1 Ultra Optics MR111, hard coating machine, newer model, near new condition…..$8500
1 National Optronics 7E drill edger and 4T tracer, 37,000 cuts since new…. $7500
1 National Optronics 3B blocker, very good condition…….. $3500
SOLD>>>1 Kappa edger(no tracer-blocker), needs probes…..$650
1 BPI 9 pot tint tank, very good condition…..$450
1 BPI Automatic Gradient arm….$200
1 Hilco Deluxe Hot Air Frame Warmer, near new condition…$150
1 OWC groover, newer model…..$100
SOLD>>>1 Briot Rex 2, extra wide hand edger and pump….$150
1 Briot Rex 1 Single Extra wide hand edger and pump…$100
SOLD>>>>1 Vigor Dual buffing wheels with filter………$100
1 BPI UV and visible light tester…$75
1 OWC, newer model,Three (3) wheel Hand edger, Course ,fine and extra fine for polishing bevel….$85

Surfacing machinery….call for pictures
1 LOH VPRO Generator, loader, still on line, factory maintenance….$29,995(Indiana)
1 LOH V75 generator, yellow stripe…110,000cuts…$15,500(S Dakota)
2 LOH V100 generators, working well, 1999 and 2000 models #8316 # 8374…$15,500 ea(CJ)
1 Coburn SL2, maintained under Coburn maintenance contract…Very Good condition…$9995(Cal)
1 Coburn SL2 Express, rebuilt, new condition, 90 day warranty….$15,995(Fla)
2 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt by P&R, not used since rebuild, new condition…$3500ea(Oklahoma)
8 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty….reduced to…$5995 ea(Re-builder)
24 LOH X2S cylinder machines, Factory maintained, working well when taken off line…$1800 ea(Ind)
2 Coburn Acuity cylinder machines, good condition…$1850 ea(Calif)
1 Coburn CMX50, 2013 model, used for 3 months, new/new condition…call for pictures……$5995(NY)
1 Coburn 5004 cylinder machine, 4 head, very good condition, newer model $995(Illinois(Don)
SOLD>>>1 Coburn Step One wax blocker, internal chiller…good condition $2250(Calif)
1 Coburn 990 alloy blocker, very good condition…$500 (Michigan Eric)
1 LOH PLA alloy Blocker, LOH chiller , 300 blocks……$9995 or best offer (Minn)
1 Coburn Simplicity hard coating machine 2015 model, retailer closes lab after 4 months $15,995(Illinois)
1 Coburn Clean and Coat, Hard coater and Quick Cure 111, excellent condition….$995(Mich)
1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater, cure oven, rebuilt with new bulb, new filter, 2 bottles of hard coating, crating included….90 day warranty…$7995(Re-builder)
1 LOH G4 Spin Coater, ultra high capacity, new condition…reduced to .$10,995(Ind)
4 LOH Magna Spin Hard Coating machines(G3), gone through by re-builder,..$4995 ea(Ind)
1 PSI Central Slurry System , 9 gallon stainless tank, ¾ horse motor….$1500 or best offer(Minn)
1 5 Ton Chiller, Thermal Care , 5 Horse compressor, 30f-65f , was $10,000……. reduced to $1500(Colo)
2 Coburn #1101 tool racks, double spindle, good condition….$375 ea(N Calif)
9 tool racks, wood, reinforced racks…$75. Ea(Minn)
1 Coburn CS7 Marker, very good condition..$595(NC)
1 Coburn CS7 Marker, very good condition..$595(Mich)
1 Coburn CS7 Blocker, very good condition..$595(Mich)
1 Coburn DCE Vacuum…$350(Ill)
4000 Schneider/LSM digital robotic job trays, white color, 10 x 8.5….reduced to $1.00 ea (Iowa)
SOLD>>>2 Coburn 99SD reclaim tanks, special edition, stainless tops, very good condition.$695ea(NC)
1 AccuComp digital gauge, Spheremoter, very good condition..$375(Calif)
1 Mitutoyo 50mm Sag gauge ,digital, new condition…$375 (Mich Eric)
1 Mitutoyo 35mm Sag gauge, digital, new condition…$375 (Mich Eric)
SOLD>>1 Analog Thickness gauge, analog …$50( Mich Eric)
1 Tape applicator, DAC model ST-33A, rebuilt, works like new….$350(Oregon)
1 Topcon TRC-NW8 Non-Mydriatic Retnal camera, computer, stand, keyboard….$4995(Michigan)

6 Kappa “Mother boards”, new in the box…MO5 and M15…$1000 ea (Calif)
1 Kappa pattern-less edger, tracer blocker…under 50,000 cuts since new…”m” model…$4995(Maine)
8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$995ea (Florida)
12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger,4T tracer, re-built , 6 month warranty.$19,995)(Fla)
11 National Optronics 7E HLP, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built , 6 month warranty..$15,995)(Fla)
12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty…$10,995ea
1 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edger and 4T tracer, rebuilt, 10 test cuts on rebuild , 4 month warranty ……reduced to…….$9995( LA Jag)
1 Briot Alta Pattern-less edge with Alta NX tracer/blocker, 24,000 cuts….excellent cond…$5995(Utah)
1 Briot Accura pattern-less edger/tracer, 45,000 cuts since new, “gone through” by re-builder, 60 day warranty..$5995(Fla)
Santinelli LE7070 Tracers……… $1000 to refurbish YOUR Built in Tracer" 60 day warranty
1 Santinelli 9000DX express Pattern-less edger, 5200 cuts since new, no tracer, new condition…$5000(Minn)
1 AIT 501 marker , new condition $695 (Florida Pensacola)
1 AIT Opera Drill, reconditioned by AIT, complete drill set, 60 day warranty….…$1700(Illinois)
1 CNC Opti-Drill, good condition…$1000(United States Lobster)
1 B&L Lensometer/Vertometer, model #70, excellent condition with 3/6/9 prism rings..$795(Nova Drew)
1 Essilor Digital pupilometer, excellent condition..$275 ( Texas)
5 Humphrey Style #360 Lens Analyzers, new in the box, 6 month warranty…$1995 ea( Florida)
Automation and Robotic Blocking and Inspecting Machines
1 A&R inspection and blocking stations MCBVP , newer model, under service contract, does polarized ….$90,000(Wis)
2 A&R inspection and blocking stations MCBVP, under service contract with A&R
(No polarized)…$70,000ea(Wis)
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FreeForm Equipment
1 Schneider Laser Engraver, 2010 model CCL C Mark,…$36,000(Minn)
1 Schneider alloy blocker, 2012 Dual Station Alloy blocker….Reduced to$27,000(Florida)

CASTING EQUIPMENT ….call for pictures

1 ODC Q2100 casting system , SV, FT and SHORT progressive molds, new condition…$2995(Illinois)

80 bottles of clear monomer, OMB 99….$50 bottle(Illinois)

159 bottles of Q Soak..$8.00 bottle or best offer for all(Illinois)

ODC Q2100 casting system, SV, FT and standard progressive molds, new condition…$2995(Utah)

ODC Q2100 casting system, SV,FT and standard progressive molds, very good condition..$3500(NM)
70 bottles of ODC clear monomer…$50 per bottle(NM)

3500 Semi Finished 80 mm glass molds ( 2000 tops/1500 bottoms) and gasket tooling…. $20,000 or best offer
70% of all molds are fronts,35% SV molds,35% FT 28 molds,35% Progressive Scopus molds, Steel and aluminum injection molds for manufacturing 80 MM Gaskets, one 4 cavity mold & one 1 cavi

AR EQUIPMENT…call for pictures

1 Zeiss B-12 system $115,000.00 (34 lenses) 1 hour 10 minutes cycle time

1 Leybold CCS 250 AR package, upgraded in 2003 , Polycold PFC 550HC, HSV-6 e-gun, Atlas Clean Air Laminar Flow Cabinet,Optimal Technologies CHC60 13 station cleaning line and hard coating, 3 resin curing ovens, complete…..$95,000(UK)

1 Leybold CCS 250 Coater(only)…..$70,000(UK)

1 Optovac CS 3000 $75,000.00  36 lenses 1 hour 30 minutes cycle time, Maxtec controller, Polycold, Temescal gun…6 pocket(Fla)

1 SATIS 725 AR TURN KEY PACKAGE… $125,000 refurbished and installed at your Lab
includes: Poly Cold, Mark 1 Ion source, flow booth, ultra sonic, chiller and oven…. Including installation and training…$125,000 for all..30 lenses can be flip (1 hour 5 minutes flip) cycle time

1 Zeiss A-20 $110,000 ……Refurbished, factory installed Mark 11 ION source, Thermal source, Polycold, 1 hour 10 minutes cycle time, (Fla)

3 Chemalux #150A AR Coater, Show samples, new condition, not used in production …..$16,750(Calif)

1 Leybold SYRUS 1105, AR, 1997 model, 5 pocket EB gun, 2 thermal sources, Mark 11 Ion source, dual PCF/PCF Poly cold, diffusion pump, changeable callottes.. $198,000. Pics for the 1105 are below
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1 Satis T-10 Ultra Sonic cleaning system, newer model $22,995( Calif)

1 Crest ultrasonic cleaning system, 2011 Optimum Console Junior, used in R&D, new condition….$10,995(Fla)

1 Satis Spectrophotometer, model MS 200, 2HD IBM Specview…. was $10,000 in 2011 now $3500(NY EN)

1 Filmetrics F10 Spectrophotometer( thin film measurement for AR)…..$4500(US Lobster)

1 Commonwealth Mark 11 Ion Source Power Supply, excellent condition, lightly used.  $2000.00

1 Leybold D-65 rotary pump, excellent condition.  $2000.00

1 Optovac Dionized water recovery unit.  Recycles and filters DI water.  Mega-ohm meter to monitor water condition.  Save on tank replacement as this unit enables the DI system to work most efficiently. Assists in DI tank heating.  $2500.00

1 CTI 8500 cryocompressor.  Working well when removed from service. $1500.00 

1 CTI 400 cryopump.  Working well when removed from service.  $3000.00. 

Balzers IMG 300 vacuum guage controller with filiament head--  $700.00

Satis/Balzers TPG vacuum guage controller with cold vacuum head--  $950.00

Satis 900 flipover sector plates, 16 six and nine hole--$1500.00

Satis 900 door seal--$150.00

Leybold ESV-6 eb gun body--$800.00

Leybold ESV-6 filament assemblies & filaments--$1250.00

Leybold ESV-6 crucibles and base parts--$1250.00

Leybold ESV-6 rebuild kits (8) --$200.00

Leybold ESV-6 beam deflection wire kit with posts--$250.00

Leybold ESV-6 L0-5 Deflection board assembly 2 @ $500.00 each

Call me and I’ll give you a “no charge” estimate of your equipment’s value….714-963-8991

All of the descriptions of equipment listed are those of the sellers….due diligence in purchasing is suggested

Looking for LOH V50, V75 ,V95, V100 and VPRO generators…

Looking for Coburn SL2 generators , Coburn XRT Generators and Coburn #108s

Looking for used or broken National Optronics/Vista/2G generators for rebuilder

Barry Shepard 714-963-8991(Ca)  HYPERLINK "" or  HYPERLINK ""