Lab Manager/Owner’s Edition Used Optical Equipment List July 2015


Rebuilt and Used Surfacing Equipment….call for pictures

1 LOH VPRO generator, running well, maintained under factory service contract $23,500 (Ind)

1 LOH VPRO generator, running well, maintained under factory service contract $14,995 (Ind)

1 LOH VPRO generators, running well , maintained factory service contract…$9,995 ea(Ind)

1 LOH V75 generator 2008 model, new computer upgrade, 4 cuts since new computer….$17,995(CJ)

1 LOH V50 generator, 2005 model, 79,000 cuts since new….$11,995 (Nevada)

1 LOH V50 generator,2005 model, rebuilt, 90 day warranty……reduced to $22,995 (Fla)

1 LOH V50 generator ,2000 model, rebuilt,90 day warranty……reduced to $17,995(Fla)

1 Coburn SGX generator, used to cut 44,000 lenses and foam laps…$5500( S Calif…Quinn)

1 Coburn SL2 (Express) CTO, rebuilt, 90 day warranty…reduced to $17,995(FLA)

1 Coburn Lensmaker XRT generator, rebuilt, 90 day warranty…$17,995(Re-builder)

1 Coburn #2113 generator, rebuilt, new computer, near new condition, prism rings, gauge…$1595(KY)

1 National Optronics 2G generator, 100 cuts on rebuild, with Visual Lab program, ….$9,995(NC)

1 National Optronics Vista generator, 40,000 cuts since new, new condition, upgraded motor….$4,995(Mich)

1 Schneider HSC 100, Freeform generator…$19,995(Fla)

16 LOH X2S cylinder machines, reconditioned, look and run like re-built……$2800 ea(Ind)

8 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty….reduced to…$5995 ea(Re-builder)

2 LOH X2S cylinder machines, excellent condition, used with water only as finers….$2100 ea(Penna-K)

1 Coburn CMX50, 2013 model, used for 3 months, new/new condition…call for pictures……$5995(NY)

2 Coburn #5000 cylinder machines, rebuilt, near new condition…$750 ea(KY)

3 Coburn Acuity cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty…$5995 ea(Florida)

1 Coburn #506, running……$500(N Calif)

1 Coburn #506, good condition, includes pumps…$750( Los Angeles)

1 Coburn Step One blocker, rebuilt, 90 day warranty….$4995(Fla)

1 Coburn Eclipse Turbo, TW model, turbocharged, wax blocker, low specialty usage….$5500(Ill Scu)

1 Coburn Eclipse wax blocker, rebuilt, 90 day warranty… $9,995(Re-builder)

1 Coburn 95 A alloy blocker, good condition..$595(Tenn Shawn)

1 Step One Washer, very good condition…$1500(Fla rebuilder)

1 Step One Washer, runs well, small crack in back of case..$995(N Calif

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater, cure oven, rebuilt….90 day warranty…$9995(Re-builder)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater, cure oven,, 11,018 lenses coated total, small lab closes ..$5995 (Ga)

1 Ultra Optics MR 111 hard coater, used at retail, low usage…$9995 (NY)

1 Ultra Optics MR 111 hard coater, used at retail, low usage…$9995(Calif)

1 LOH G4 Spin Coater, ultra high capacity, new condition…reduced to .$10,995(Ind)

5 LOH Magna Spin Hard Coating machines(G3), gone through by re-builder,..$4995 ea(Ind)

1 LOH Magna-Spin, semi-automatic hard coating system, 2013 model, $19,000 Negotiable(NY)

2000 LOH aluminum tools, cut in 1/10ths, cut to 1.60 index……$1.50 ea(Mich)

3045 aluminum tools, good condition…..$1.00 ea (Los Angeles)

2 Coburn #1101 tool racks, double spindle, good condition….$375 ea(N Calif)

2 Coburn #1101 tool racks, near new condition..$375 ea(Ky)

4 #1101 tool racks, very good condition…$375 ea(Illinois)

1 CS7 marker, good condition…$500(N Calif)

1 CS7 marker, very good condition..$500(Ky)

1 CS7 marker, very good condition…$500 (Tenn)

1 AIT 501 marker, good condition…….$395(GG)

1 Coburn DCE Vacuum…$350(Ill)

5 Coburn/Gerber GC 1000 Dust Collectors, large and powerful…$1500 ea(Florida Jerome)

1 3M Tape machine, pneumatic, good condition, Doctor closing lab..$595(Tenn Shawn)

4 steel tool cabinets, ball bearings…$300 ea(Illinois Doc)

225 job trays, 9 x 6 x 1.75, new condition, variety of colors, no dividers……$0.50 ea(Illinois)

95 job trays,12.25 x 7 x 2.25, 3 dividers, purple color,like new $1.00 ea(Illinois)

244 job trays,10.25 x 8.5 x 2.75, magnets for robotic use, new condition, green,white,blue…..$2.00 ea(Illinois) 1 Filter-Tech surface swarth removal and coolant filtration system, 4 generator capacity..$49,995(NY)

8 pounds #117 near new used alloy…..$45.00 pound(Louisiana Keven)

15 pounds of new #117 alloy…….$55.00 per pound(Louisiana Keven)

(Surfacing equipment continued…call for pictures)


Newer Coburn Lab……..36,000 cuts since new…$15,000

Coburn SGX, 36,000 cuts since new

1 Optical innovations program

2 Acuity cylinder machines

1 Eclipse wax blocker and chiller

1 Step One washer

1050 plastic tools

1 Vacuum , large, heavy duty

40 blocks

1 de-blocker

1 Chiller for cylinder machines



1 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built , 6 month warranty..$20,995)(Fla)

2 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer ,completely rebuilt , 6 months warranty…$12,995ea

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$1495ea (Florida)

1 National Optonics 4T tracer, used, calibration kit, very good condition…$750 (Albany NY)

2 National Optronics 4TI tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$2200ea (Florida)

2 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 90 day warranty…$1250 ea(Oregon)

1 National Optronics 4TX tracer, rebuilt,6 month warranty…$5000(Fla)

1 Coburn / Huvitz Excelon CPE 4000 edger, CFR 4000 tracer, HBK-7000 Smart blocker, 2013 model, only 10,000 cuts, since new …..$11,995(MD)

1 Coburn Kappa Pattern-less edger, tracer, blocker, new wheels, low usage…$5500( Global Can)

1 Briot CX pattern-less edger, tracer, blocker 6000 cuts since new..$3995(Global Can)

1 Briot Axcell Drill, Axcell, tracer/blocker,scanner,6000 lenses cut since new, new condition,….$6995(Pa)

1 Briot ALTA NX edger, drills, wrap frame processing, mini bevel for metal frames, 8170 cycles since new,

90 day parts warranty……$12,000(Ga)

1 Briot Alta XS Semi Automatic Tracer blocker, 559 cycles since new, 90 day parts warranty…$8500(Ga)

1 WECO #2440 pattern edger, $800(GG)1 WECO #440 pattern edger,$650(GG)

2 AIT Speedy blockers, white color..$295 ea(GG)

1 AIT Speede Blocker, newer gray model…$295(Mich),

1 Nova Matic Pattern maker, new in the box, excellent condition…$295(Mich)

1 Phantom 6 pot tint tank $350(Calif Chris)

1 BPI 6 Pot Tint tank, new condition..$350(NCalif)

1 BPI 9 pot tint tank, new condition…$500(Ncalif)

1 9 Pot Tint tank, Super Systems, multiple heat settings…$350(GG)

1 AIT Opera Drill, reconditioned by AIT, complete drill set, 60 day warranty….…$1700(Illinois)

1 CNC Opti-Drill , near new condition…..$2295(Los Angeles)

1 Smart Drill, digital, new condition, complete system….$895(Ga B)

1 B&L Lensometer, good condition…$595(Los Angeles)

CASTING EQUIPMENT ….call for pictures


1 ODC casting system, SV, FT and standard progressive molds, new condition…$4495(Utah)


1 ODC casting system, SV,FT and standard progressive molds, very good condition..$3500(NM)


70 bottles of ODC clear monomer…$50 per bottle(NM)



AR EQUIPMENT…call for pictures


1 Satis #360….$100,000 includes: Polycold ,Ion source, Flip, chiller, 30 lenses per 40 minute cycle


1 SATIS 725 AR TURN KEY PACKAGE, $120,000 refurbished and installed at your Lab

includes: Poly Cold, Mark 1 Ion source, flow booth, ultra sonic, chiller and oven…. Including installation and training…$120,000 for all


1 Satis 900C AR coater package currently on line in Colorado …..$99,000 includes:

1 Satis 900 C box coater, Flip over , EB gun, Ion source, Satis T10 robotic Ultra Sonic cleaning machine, Flow booth, Degassing oven , transformer and bead blaster, coats 48-72 lenses per hour….$99,000


1 Satis 1200D AR Coating Machine Package ….$70,000 includes:

1 Satis 1200 D AR coater, T40 Satis Ultrasonic + Dip Coating Machine ,Transformers , Domes 2 sets with rings, Flow Booth, Oven , Bead Blaster, Anti- Static gun, DI-Recovery System, Rotary Pump, Spectrophotometer Shimadzu 2401, polycold 1100 PCF/PCF…double circuit Polycold

(Seller indicates the1200D was in production in 2013- 2014 and it ran well.)


1 Zeiss A7 AR TURN KEY PACKAGE refurbished and installed $150,000..Includes:

A7 AR chamber, 14 lenses every 50 minutes, 6 tank Ultra Sonic, H3 Hard coating, Hydrophobic, cure ovens, wash line installed in your lab $140,000(Installation in USA, Canada and South America)


1 Zeiss B12 AR, rebuilt with warranty, complete system for $70,000…includes: B12 AR coater, ultra sonic wash line, flow booth booth, oven. Anti stat and fixturing…$70,000(Fla)


1 Satis SP200 AR Coater, rebuilt by Satisloh, new magnatron, new Turbo pump, new cond….$69,995

1 Zeiss AR Model #A20, 2005, excellent condition, can be seen and tested…$49,995 (IR)

1 Chemalux #150A AR Coater, sample, new condition, not used in production, …..$16,750(Calif)

1 Satis Spectrophotometer, model MS 200, 2HD IBM Specview…. was $10,000 in 2011 now $3500(NY EN)

2 Despatch ovens, very good condition $1495 ea(Colorado)



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