Lab Manager/Owner’s Edition Used Optical Equipment List October 2016




1 Santinelli 9000SX edger/tracer re-finished by rebuilder, 25,000 cuts since new…$7995(Calif)

1 Santinelli SX Express, CE9 blocker, re-finished by rebuilder , 44,000 cuts since new…$10,495(Calif)

1 Santinelli LE 9000SX(NT), LT 900 tracer, ICE 2000 blocker, re-finished by re-builder,49,000 cuts since new…$13,995(Calif)

1 Santinelli 9000(NT) , ICE 9000 tracer/blocker, re-finished by re-builder, 17,000 cuts since new..$21,995(Calif)

1 Santinelli ME 1200, ICE 1000 Tracer/blocker, re-finished by re-builder, 9743 cuts since new….$44,995(Calif)

1 Kappa MO5 Pattern-less-edger-tracer-blocker, used at retail, 68,000 cuts excellent condition$6995(NY K)

1 Kappa edger very good condition(no tracer), ran through computer…$2995(Can)

1 Topcon ALE 5000 Pattern-less Edger, Topcon FR 50 Tracer, 38,000 cuts ….$6995 ( Fla Dave)

1 WECO E3 Patternless-edger/ tracer/blocker/ drill…400 cuts since new late 2015…$21,000(Fla)

1 WECO 950 Pattern-less edger, Trace 11 tracer, 29,000 cuts since new, excellent , reduced to $4995( Troy)

1 WECO 450 edger, very good condition(no tracer), ran through the computer…$1995(Can)

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$995ea (Florida)

1 4T tracer, very good condition…$495(Can)

12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger,4T tracer, re-built ,6 month warranty…$19,995 ea

11 National Optronics 7E HLP, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built , 6 month warranty…$15,995 ea

12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty…$10,995ea(Fla)

2 National Optronics, Horizon 11, pattern edger, newer Bodine motors…$995 each(South Carolina)

1 Briot Accura pattern-less edger/tracer, 45,000 cuts since new, “gone through” by re-builder, 60 day warranty..$4995(Fla)

1 Smart Drill, analog…$350 (SC)

1 B&L Lensometer/Vertometer, model #70, excellent condition with 3/6/9 prism rings..$695(Mass)

1 Set B&L Prism Rings 3,6,9…$150(Mass)

1 B&L Lensometer/Vertometer, model #70, excellent condition, no prism rings..$595(Minn)

1 Marco #101 , very good condition..$400( South Dakota)

1 Essilor Digital pupilometer, excellent condition..$275 ( Texas)

5 Humphrey Style #360 Lens Analyzers, new in the box, 6 month warranty…$1995 ea( Florida)

1 BPI 9 pot tint tank, very good condition…..$375(South Dakota)

1 Hilco Deluxe Hot Air Frame Warmer, near new condition…$95..(South Dakota)

1 OWC groover, newer model…..$75(South Dakota)

1 Briot Rex 1 Single Extra wide hand edger and pump…$75(South Dakota)

1 OWC Three (3) wheel Hand edger, course ,fine and extra fine for polishing bevel, newer model..$50(SD)

Surfacing machinery….call for pictures

1 LOH PLA-SL Surface blocker and chiller, 2007 model, yellow stripe….reduced to $4995(South Dakota)

1 LOH PRA blocker, 2011 model, yellow stripe, excellent condition…$24,995(Iowa)

1 Schneider alloy blocker, 2012 Dual Station Alloy blocker….Reduced to$27,000(Florida)

1 Optek Unity Blocker, alloy, 2011 machine, new condition…..$4995(Florida)

1 OWC wax blocker WSWB, 50 blocks, 2014 model, like new… $1795(Maryland)

1 OWC de-blocker, wswd, non alloy de-blocker…..$395(Maryland)

I National Optronics 2G generator & Visual Lab program, 22,000 cuts….$7495(Maryland)

1 Coburn SL2 Express, 71,000 cuts since factory upgrade to Express(CTO) ,excellent condition, new computer 2010, new mechanicals 2010…$9995(Orange Calif)

1 Coburn SL2 CTO, maintained under Coburn maintenance contract…Very Good condition…reduced to $7995(Cal)

2 LOH V100 generators, working well, 1999 and 2000 models #8316 # 8374…$15,500 ea(CJ)

1 Coburn #108 generator, good condition….$1000(Minn)

2 Coburn Acuity Plus cylinder machines, used at retail, near new condition….$2495 ea(Maryland)

2 Coburn #506 Cylinder machines, good condition…..$750 ea(Minn)

2 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt by P&R, not used since rebuild, new condition…$3500ea(Oklahoma)

8 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty….reduced to…$5995 ea(Re-builder)

1 Ultra Optics Ultra RX, 2010 model, hard coats & cures two lens at one time, new condition..$11,000 (SC)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater, cure oven, rebuilt with new bulb, new filter, 2 bottles of hard coating, crating included….90 day warranty…$9995(Re-builder)

2 “NEW IN THE CRATE” Magna Spin Hard Coaters, never used…$35,000 machines….$5000 ea

4 LOH Magna Spin Hard Coating machines(G3), gone through by re-builder,..$4995 ea(Ind)

1 LOH G4 Spin Coater, ultra high capacity, new condition…reduced to .$10,995(Ind)

1 5 Ton Chiller, Thermal Care , 5 Horse compressor, 30f-65f , was $10,000……. reduced to $1500(Colo)

1 Slurray System, large Chiller/Filter re-circulation unit and pump, handles 4 cylinder machines $995(SD)

1 3M taper, pneumatic, excellent condition…$595(South Dakota)

1 Tape applicator, DAC model ST-33A, rebuilt, works like new….$350(Oregon)

1 Coburn Reclaim tank SD, good condition…$300(Minn St. Cloud)

1 Coburn LD reclaim tank, stainless ,near new condition…$495(South Dakota)

2 Coburn #1101 tool racks, double spindle, good condition….$375 ea(N Calif)

3 wood carousel tool racks..$75.00 ea(Can)

1 Coburn CS7 Marker, very good condition..$595(NC)

1 Coburn CS7 Marker, very good condition..$595(Mich)

1 Coburn DCE Vacuum…$350(Ill)

4000 Schneider/LSM digital robotic job trays, white color, 10 x 8.5…. $1.00 ea (Iowa)

1 AccuComp digital gauge, Spheremoter, very good condition..$375(Calif)

1 AccuComp digital gauge, Lapometer, very good condition..$375(Minn St Cloud)

1 Mitutoyo 50mm Sag gauge ,digital, new condition…$375 (Mich Eric)

1 Mitutoyo 35mm Sag gauge, digital, new condition…$375 (Mich Eric)

5 gauges , analog surfacing, sag, thickness etc…$50.00 ea(Minn St Cloud)

5 Lens clocks, gauges, analog..$50.00 ea(Mass)

1 OMI Lens dryer, 4 heads, powerful lab model…$95.00(South Dakota)

370 Job trays,7” x 12” red, yellow, purple, pink, green and white…$0.50 ea(South Dakota)


1 Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000, refurbished, re-licensed, 6 month warranty……$10,995(Fla Re-builder)

4 Marco #101 lensometers, refurbished, 6 month warranty $795 ea(Florida Re-builder)

3 Topcon LM6E Lensometers, refurbished, 6 month warranty….$795 ea(Florida re-builder)

1 Reichert AT 555 Non-Contact Tonometer, refurbished, 6 month warranty….$1995(Florida Re-builder)

1 Topcon SL2 E Slit Lamp with Tonometer, refurbished, 6 month warranty…..$3195(Florida re-builder)

5 Humphrey Style #360 Lens Analyzers, new in the box, 6 month warranty…$1995 ea( Florida)

1 Zeiss 735i Visual Field, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$6000(Fla Jas)

1 Zeiss 750 Visual Field , rebuilt, 6 month warranty……$9000(Fla Jas)


CASTING EQUIPMENT ….call for pictures

1 ODC Q2100 casting system , SV, FT plus…… SHORT and LONG progressive molds, new condition…$2995(Minn)


1 ODC Q2100 casting system, SV,FT and standard progressive molds, very good condition..$3500(NM)


80 bottles of clear monomer, OMB 99….$50 bottle or best offer (Illinois)


159 bottles of Q Soak..$8.00 bottle or best offer for all(Illinois)


1 ODC Anti Reflective Machine system, new condition……..$4995(Minn)


70 bottles of ODC clear monomer…$50 per bottle(NM)


3500 Semi Finished 80 mm glass molds ( 2000 tops/1500 bottoms) and gasket tooling…. $20,000 or best offer

70% of all molds are fronts,35% SV molds,35% FT 28 molds,35% Progressive Scopus molds, Steel and aluminum injection molds for manufacturing 80 MM Gaskets, one 4 cavity mold & one 1 cavi


AR EQUIPMENT…call for pictures

1 Leybold CCS 250 Coater(only)…..$70,000(UK)


1 Leybold CCS 250 AR package, upgraded in 2003 , Polycold PFC 550HC, HSV-6 e-gun, Atlas Clean Air Laminar Flow Cabinet,Optimal Technologies CHC60 13 station cleaning line and hard coating, 3 resin curing ovens, complete…..$95,000(UK)


1 Optovac CS 3000 $75,000.00 36 lenses 1 hour 30 minutes cycle time, Maxtec controller, Polycold, Temescal gun…6 pocket(Fla)


1 SATIS 725 AR TURN KEY PACKAGE… $125,000 refurbished and installed at your Lab

includes: Poly Cold, Mark 1 Ion source, flow booth, ultra sonic, chiller and oven…. Including installation and training…$125,000 for all..30 lenses can be flip (1 hour 5 minutes flip) cycle time


1 Zeiss A-20 $110,000 ……Refurbished, factory installed Mark 11 ION source, Thermal source, Polycold, 1 hour 10 minutes cycle time, (Fla)


1 Chemalux #150A AR Coater, Show samples, new condition, not used in production …..$16,750(Ca


1 ODC Anti Reflective Machine system, new condition……..$4995(Minn


1 Satis T-10 Ultra Sonic cleaning system, newer model $19,995( Florida)


1 Crest ultrasonic cleaning system, 2011 Optimum Console Junior, used in R&D, new condition….$10,995(Fla)


1 Optovac Dionized water recovery unit. Recycles and filters DI water. Mega-ohm meter to monitor water condition. Save on tank replacement as this unit enables the DI system to work most efficiently. Assists in DI tank heating. $2500.00


1 CTI 8500 cryo compressor. Working well when removed from service. $1500.00


1 Satis 900 door seal--$150.00


2 Leybold ESV-6 LO-5 Deflection board assembly…$500 ea


2 Balzers IMG-300 vacuum controller…$500 ea


1 Satis 1200/900 turn table/ carousel motor…$500


Leybold ESV-6 L0-5 Deflection board assembly 2 @ $500.00 each


Call me and I’ll give you a “no charge” estimate of your equipment’s value….714-963-8991

All of the descriptions of equipment listed are those of the sellers….due diligence in purchasing is suggested

Barry Shepard 714-963-8991(Ca) or