Lab Manager/Owner’s Edition Used Optical Equipment List April 2017


Complete National Optronics 2G surfacing lab…$7995..or buy separately

1 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, 45,000 cuts, includes Visual Lab Program…..$4995

1 Coburn #506 finer/polisher…..$750

1 99LD alloy blocker…………….$500

1 Coburn Pad Press, # 294………$175

1 Semi Tech Chiller…..,Model SJ 19 A4….$500

2500 tools/laps, plastic, $0.50 ea……….$1250

Surfacing machinery….call for pictures

1 OptoTech OMM 60 FreeForm Lens Mapper, Topographical map of lens, excellent condition, 2009 model, was $60, $15,000(UK)

1 Satis Loh Lens Mark 2 Laser marker, Laser Op, 2009 model, very low usage as new equipment arrived with engraver built in…….$80,000(Illinois)

1 Satis/Loh Auto-Blocker , 2006 model, very good condition….$20,000(Illinois)

1 Satis/Loh Auto-Blocker , 2007 model, very good condition….$20,000(Illinois)

1 LOH V75 generator, new spindle motor and shaft, good working condition, 2003 model………$10,995(Miss)

1 Coburn SL2 Express, running very well, seller put in Freeform….$8900(Utah)

1 Coburn SL2 IQ PCD “diamond” cutter , new in the box…$100 or best offer (Calif)

1 Coburn Lensmaker XRT generator, rebuilt ,45,000 cuts on re-build with new computer, chipper…seller put in Freeform…….$5995(Indiana)

2 Coburn Lensmaker XRT generators, 200,000 -300,000 cuts each…$3500 ea( Lobster)

1 Coburn “chopper/chipper” for SL2 and XRT generators……….$995(Lobster)

1 National Optronics Vista Generator, rebuilt with new cutter motor and more, working well, Includes visual Lab program… $3495(Mich)

1 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, 45,000 cuts, includes Visual Lab Program…..$4995

1 Laser 2000 marker, distributed by Satis /Loh, 2011 model, MC Jet Desk top, running condition….$4995(Mich)

2 LOH V100 generators, working well, 1999 and 2000 models #8316 # 8374…$15,500 ea(CJ)

1 Satis/LOH Auto taper, 2006 model, running condition……..$6690.00(Mich)

5 Coburn #5056 cylinder machines, brown/tan , better than average working condition, a very good value…$500 each(Ohio)

2 Criterion Pro cylinder machines, low retail usage, very good condition….$1850 ea(Tex)

28 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty….reduced to…$5995 ea(Re-builder)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 coater and cure oven, newer model, recirculates coating, excellent condition…$4995(Mich)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 coater and cure oven, newer model, recirculates coating, excellent condition…$4995(Illinois)

1 Ultra Optics Ultra RX, 2010 model, hard coats & cures two lens at one time, new condition.. $8995 (SC)

1 Ultra Optics Ultra RX, hard coats & cures two lens at one time, excellent condition reduced to……$5995( Louisiana)

SOLD>>>1 Slurray System, large Chiller/Filter re-circulation unit and pump, handles 4 cylinder machines…$995(SD)

3300 aluminum tools/laps, good condition used at retail….$0.75 each(Lobster)

2500 aluminum tools, cut in 10ths…$0.75 ea( Florida Mike)

1338 aluminum tools……0.75 ea(Tex)

1 Steel tool /lens cabinet, 9 drawer, was $3000 now …..$300(Tex)

1 Coburn CS7 marker, excellent condition..$500( Randolf NJ)

1 AIT Marker, SLM 501, good condition..$500(Fla-Mike)

4000 Schneider/LSM digital robotic job trays, white color, 10 x 8.5…. $1.00 ea (Iowa)

1 AccuComp digital gauge, Spheremeter, very good condition..$375(Calif)

1 Semi Tech Chiller, SJ 19A4...$500( Fla-Mike)

1 OMI Lens dryer, 4 heads, powerful lab model…$95.00(South Dakota)

15 pounds of #117 alloy, clean, used ..$35.00 pound(Florida)

1 3M taper $500(La)

1 BPI Tint tank, 9 pot $300(La)

1 Hand stone $75(La)

1 De-blocker…$175(La)

1 Optek Reclaim tank, very good condition…$350

1 Inland diamond touch up buffer…$100(La)

1 Compressor Ingersol Rand - $1500Tex)

1 Optek digital AccuComp gauge…$395

1 Coburn Lens dryer…$100 (Florida-Mike)


1 LOH ES3 edger, very good condition, serviced under contract by LOH……$9995( Miss)

1 Santinelli LE 9000LX pattern-less edger, under 30,000 cuts since new……..$4995 (N H)

1 Santinelli LT 1000 tracer, very low usage…..$5995(NH)

1 Santinelli LT 9000 tracer, standard or satellite, rebuilt, 6 month warranty……$2495(Fla)

1 Santinelli 9000SX pattern-less edger/tracer re-finished by rebuilder, 25,000 cuts since new…$7995(Calif)

1 Santinelli 9000SX pattern-less edger/tracer re-finished by rebuilder, 90 day warranty…$7995(Florida )

1 Santinelli LEX 1000 Pattern-less edger/tracer and Santinelli CE 1 blocker, rebuilt, 6 month warranty….$15,995( Fla)

1 Santinelli LE 9000SX(NT), LT 900 tracer, ICE 2000 blocker, re-finished by re-builder,49,000 cuts since new…$13,995(Calif)

1 Santinelli SX PLB Express Pattern-less edger, ICE 9000 tracer/ blocker, 6 month warranty…..$19,995(Fla)

1 AIT Continuum Pattern-less edger/tracer/blocker, all materials, rebuilt ,90 day warranty…$6500(Fla)

12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger,4T tracer, re-built ,6 month warranty…$21,995 ea

11 National Optronics 7E HLP, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built , 6 month warranty…$15,995 ea

12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty…$12,995ea(Fla)

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$995ea (Florida)

1 National Optronics 3B blocker, fully refurbished, 6 month warranty…..$5995(Fla)

1 National Optronics 5T Dimensions Tracer, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…$4995( Fla)

1 Briot Accura pattern-less edger/tracer, 45,000 cuts since new, “gone through” by re-builder, 60 day warranty..$4995(Fla)

1 Coburn Titan edger, good condition….$2500( Lobster)

1 WECO 950 Pattern-less edger, Trace 11 tracer, 29,000 cuts since new, excellent , reduced to $4995( Troy)

5 Coburn Step Two bench blockers…..$695 ea(Lobster)

12 Humphrey #350 Lens Analyzers, re-built, 6 month warranty…$1995ea ( Florida)

1 Speede Blocker, very good condition, comes with AIT blocking adapter, metal/ plastic blocks..$350(Oregon)

1 Burton Lensometer, good condition..$350(Ga)

1 BPI 9 pot tint tank, very good condition…..$375(South Dakota)

4 Marco #101 lensometers, refurbished, 6 month warranty $795 ea(Florida Re-builder

1 Briot Rex 1 Single Extra wide hand edger and pump…$75(South Dakota)

1 OWC Three (3) wheel Hand edger, course ,fine and extra fine for polishing bevel, newer model..$50(SD)

2 Lens Drills, new in the box, Nova DM3, were $795 ea….$99.00 ea(NY)

Re-Builder will pay $3000-$6000 for National Optronics 7E edgers, working or not……call Jason 855-589-1910


1 Topcon TRC 50 EX Mydriatic Retinal Camera, and stand …..$2995(Lobster)

1 TopconTRC VT Fundus camera…….$995(Lobster)

1 Zeiss Stratus 3000 OCT 111, 7.0 software, includes OCT, computer, monitor and mouse (no table) ..reduced to…$2199(Minn)

1 Topcon KR7000 Auto Refractor/Keratometer just refurbished by a Certified Topcon Service Center, the unit shoots completely accurate and works like new. U.S.A packing and shipping included $3195.00.(NY)

1 Reichert Phoroptor Cross Cylinder Model # 11625 in good working condition. Packing and shipping included in the USA…..$ 2395.(NY)

1 Reichert 12415 Tonometer, very good condition, table top model..$500(New Jersey)

1 Nikon Model # 5100 Auto Refractor, add $100.00 for shipping in the USA…..$1495 (NY)

1 Camera Kowa Nonmyd Alpha-D111 Model # 8300 in good working condition $6995.00(NY)

1 Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000, refurbished, re-licensed, 6 month warranty……$10,995(Fla Re-builder)

4 Marco #101 lensometers, refurbished, 6 month warranty $795 ea(Florida Re-builder)

3 Topcon LM6E Lensometers, refurbished, 6 month warranty….$795 ea(Florida re-builder)

1 Reichert AT 555 Non-Contact Tonometer, refurbished, 6 month warranty….$1995(Florida Re-builder)

1 Topcon SL2 E Slit Lamp with Tonometer, refurbished, 6 month warranty…..$3195(Florida re-builder)

12 Humphrey #350 Lens Analyzers, re-built, 6 month warranty…$1995ea ( Florida)

1 Zeiss 735i Visual Field, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$6000(Fla Jas)

1 Zeiss 750 Visual Field , rebuilt, 6 month warranty……$9000(Fla Jas)

CASTING EQUIPMENT ….call for pictures

1 ODC Q2100 casting system, SV,FT and standard progressive molds, very good condition..$3500(NM)

80 bottles of clear monomer, OMB 99….reduced to $35.00 bottle (Illinois)

159 bottles of Q Soak..$8.00 bottle or best offer for all(Illinois)

3500 Semi Finished 80 mm glass molds ( 2000 tops/1500 bottoms) and gasket tooling…. $20,000 or best offer

70% of all molds are fronts,35% SV molds,35% FT 28 molds,35% Progressive Scopus molds, Steel and aluminum injection molds for manufacturing 80 MM Gaskets, one 4 cavity mold & one 1 cavity mold


1 Fast Grind system including all tools and manuals, 2012 model…$5995 (St. Vincent)

AR EQUIPMENT…call for pictures

1 Optovac CS 3000AR Turn Key Package refurbished and installed at your lab $125,000 ........includes: Satis T10 wash line , Despatch oven, flow booth, antistatic gun , 36 lenses per 90 minute cycle, Maxtec controller, Polycold, Temescal gun....and one week of training.

1 SATIS 725 AR Turn Key Package refurbished and installed at your Lab … $125,000 .........includes: Poly Cold, Mark 1 Ion source, quality wash line , Despatch oven, flow booth, antistatic gun , 30 lenses per 90 minute cycle........ and one week of training

1 Zeiss A-20i AR Turn Key Package refurbished and installed at your Lab...... $150,000 ......... 40 lenses per 60 minute cycle, Polycold , Ion source, thermal source, updated software, Satis T10 wash line , Despatch oven, flow booth, antistatic gun .........and a week of training

1 Leybold CCS 250 Coater(only)…..$70,000(UK)

1 Leybold CCS 250 AR package, upgraded in 2003 , Polycold PFC 550HC, HSV-6 e-gun, Atlas Clean Air Laminar Flow Cabinet,Optimal Technologies CHC60 13 station cleaning line and hard coating, 3 resin curing ovens, complete…..$95,000(UK)

1 Chemalux #150A AR Coater, Show samples, new condition, not used in production …..$16,750

1 Chemalux 100 AR coater, hard Coater, spin coater, factory show demonstrator, AR coats 12 pair per day was $45,000…..$25,000

1 Chemalux 300 AR coater, hard coater, mirror coater, AR coats 35 pair per day, factory show demonstrator was $79,900……$55,000

1 Satis T-10 Ultra Sonic cleaning system, newer model $19,995( Florida)

1 Optovac Dionized water recovery unit. Recycles and filters DI water. Mega-ohm meter to monitor water condition. Save on tank replacement as this unit enables the DI system to work most efficiently. Assists in DI tank heating. $2500.00

1 CTI 8500 cryo compressor. Working well when removed from service. $1500.00

1 Satis 900 door seal--$150.00

2 Leybold ESV-6 LO-5 Deflection board assembly…$500 ea

2 Balzers IMG-300 vacuum controller…$500 ea

1 Satis 1200/900 turn table/ carousel motor…$500




Call me and I’ll give you a “no charge” estimate of your equipment’s value….714-963-8991


All of the descriptions of equipment listed are those of the sellers….due diligence in purchasing is suggested


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